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I've sampled BBQ sauce the world over, and this is the best ever! I use it as a gift when I go to someone's house for dinner or something
WFB - Rancho Santa Fe, California

NOTICE: The food company that produces our Red Mud BBQ sauce is refitting it's production facilities so we can not fill orders presently. We will fill all orders at the current price listed until we are back in production. After that time purchase prices will reflect increasing prices. Thank you for your patience.

New Red Mud Barbecue Sauce website, but the same great barbecue sauce made in the heart of the Texas Panhandle.

Enjoy the experience of real, ranch-style barbecue with Red Mud Barbecue Sauce, created by a family that owns and operates a ranch in the Texas Panhandle. The Thompson Family's love of good food, especially meat, led Lane Thompson to create his own smokers. Lane then formulated this recipe, in search of the perfect addition to his smoked meat. The Thompson Family has run ranches for decades and have been cooking for themselves, ranch hands, friends and neighbors for many years.

Red Mud is a rich, thick, and tangy BBQ sauce with just the right amount of kick. Red Mud enhances the flavor of grilled meats without overwhelming their natural flavor.

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Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce
photo taken at the Red River Steakhouse - McLean, Texas

As seen on the Rosengarten Report
The Today Show on NBC.
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Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce

Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce

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Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce
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