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My wife bought me an outdoor gas grill for my birthday and included a bottle of your excellent Red Mud BBQ Sauce.
I've been out in the backyard ever since...
BJ - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Red Mud Barbecue Sauce

In the Media - Today Show

Rosengarten Report on the TODAY SHOW
If you love meat cooked long and slow over a smoky fire but haven't quite recreated that professional barbecue taste in your own backyard — we've got great news for you. David Rosengarten is editor-in-chief of the food newsletter, The Rosengarten Report, and he was invited to appear on the "Today Show" to share a look at tasty Texas barbecue that can be delivered straight to your door. David Rosengarten's favorite sources for pre-cooked meats and sauces are:

To order pre-cooked meats and sauces his favorite sources were:

Willy Ray’s Beef Brisket
145 Interstate 10 N
Beaumont, TX 77707
409.832.7770 (tel.)
Mikeska’s Barbecue Chicken
4225 Hwy. 59
El Campo, TX 77437
979.543.8252 (tel.)
800.388.2552 (toll-free)
Red Mud Barbecue Sauce
P.O. Box 183
McLean, TX 79057 79235
806-662-2432 (tel.)

Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce

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Red Mud Texas Barbecue Sauce
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